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Auditory Media

Olay FM

Olay FM, the voice of well-being, is in Antalya; It continues to broadcast on the frequency 93.5.

Alef FM

Alef FM, the common heritage of cultures, is in Mardin; It continues to broadcast on the frequency 94.0.

İmmanuel FM

The voice of hope and life, Immanuel FM, is in Hatay; It continues to broadcast on the frequency 95.5.

Sam FM

Sam FM, the address of music and quality, is in Samsun; It continues broadcasting on the 98.0 frequency.

PWR - Persıan World Radıo

PWR offers a message of hope to Persian speakers through shortwave radio broadcast, internet and social media. Not us, O Lord, not us, For the sake of your love and loyalty, Glorify your own name! In a world full of doubts and struggles, how much we need to hear God's word. We hope that we can speak His word and bring joy and gospel to the world, and we hope to bring the good news of the Gospel into their lives.

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